The shoreline at Stansbury had eroded to the point that it was undercutting a walking path between a pond and Lynch Cove. In response, Baltimore County designed a living shoreline to control erosion and stabilize the shoreline. Angler Environmental constructed two 48-foot long by 10-foot wide sand containment groins, one 52-foot long by 28-foot wide stone outlet swale containment structure, and filling/grading along 320 feet of eroding shoreline with 1,300 cubic yards of clean sand. Other tasks performed by Angler included managing a subcontractor (Waters Edge Nursery) to plant 6,980 square feet of marsh vegetation, including 1,400 square feet of Spartina alterniflora and 5,570 square feet of Spartina patens, all within 48 feet channelward of the mean high water line.